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Toronto Housing Market Bubble? More
February 3, 2012

Playing soccer and talking about the Canadian housing market is an odd way to gain some insights into the direction of real estate. But that's exactly what happened when I attended The Mortgage Centre's annual conference in sunny Punta Cana. On my team, chief economist of CIBC, Avery Shenfeld, up against some kids from Brazil. After taking a heavy loss, we walked off our defeat and the casual conversation turned to the housing market and the dreaded "B" word. Here's what Mr. Shenfeld shared with me regarding the Canadian housing market and the possibility of a real estate bubble... More

"Things Happen" private mortgage money campaign
January 31, 2012

While long recognized as source of Ontario private mortgage money, we've recently relaunched our private mortgage money page. The revised page includes a video outlining how borrowers, turned down by banks, have options to secure private mortgage financing. As a private lender, we lend for unique situations, and use our private mortgage money to help borrowers improve their situation and transition back to conventional, lower interest rate financing... More

Awarded Top Honours For Customer Approach
January 25, 2012

In a contest held by our CRM (customer relationship management) provider, GoMax, we were awarded top honours for our approach towards building successful relationships with our clients. It all stems from the idea of a piggy bank, something that our company president, Arnold Molder, envisioned as  a symbol that not only represents savings but an on going discussion point on achieving debt free home ownership...More

Mortgage interest rate update
January 19, 2012

On the heels of BMO's move to lower the fixed 5 year mortgage rate to 2.99% lenders have quickly responded with their own offerings.
Lenders are now offering 3.15% for a fixed 5 year rate mortgage which has again set a new low for fixed rate mortgages. Some borrowers might be surprised that the new rates announced by lenders aren't quite as close to BMO's 2.99% as they might have hoped...More

Reaction to BMO's 2.99% fixed 5 year mortgage
January 14, 2012

Since BMOs move to lower the fixed 5 year mortgage  rate to 2.99% there has been a flurry of talk and excitment. It is a great rate and represents an all time low for mortgage rates in Canada. While it is the lowest rate does it represent the best mortgage? Maybe not when factoring in all of the restrictions attached to the rate. Christopher Molder, Toronto mortgage broker, takes a closer look at the restrictions in his quick video...

What is a "cashback" mortgage More
January 09, 2012

A cashback mortgage means the lender will give you 5% back as cash. This mortgage product is usually targeted towards first time homebuyers.
So, if a first time buyers borrows $100,000 the lender will give the borrower an additional $5,000. Sounds like a great offer, but is it? Factoring in the higher interest rates attached to a cashback mortgage and running the numbers makes this offer less appealing...
Toronto mortgage broker says "goodbye 2011, hello 2012"
January 1, 2012

There’s seldom an occasion during which we can sit back and contemplate time gone by and time to come. Thank goodness we mark each calendar year with a definite beginning and end. This gives us a formal opportunity to reflect, reset and plan ahead...More

New fixed 5 year mortgage rate @ 3.25% More
December 21, 2011

With 2011 ending, it appeared as if fixed rate mortgages had run their course and would hold steady or trend upwards in 2012. However, Merix Financial just introduced a new fixed 5 year mortgage at 3.25%. This is amazing and it's the lowest fixed 5 year mortgage rate we’ve ever been able to arrange over the 34 years of our brokerage...More

How to shop online for a good mortgage website More

December 19, 2011

Lets face it, mortgages remain the single largest expense a typical household will incur. I think few people feel confident making a decision based solely on information gathered from a website without consulting a professional. However, with better and better mortgage sites appearing, the ability to shop completely online for a mortgage may one day become a reality...More
Finding a private mortgage lender More

December 15, 2011

Things happen. I lend private mortgage money for those things. Helping homeowners in unique situations who are marginalized by the banks and lending institutions. In over 35 years as a mortgage lender I've encountered almost every conceivable financing situation...More

Mortgage interest rates - Toronto Mortgage Minute More
December 06, 2011

For the last time in 2011 the Bank of Canada made their interest rate announcement. As expected, the Bank left the prime rate unchanged at 3.00%. If you have a variable rate mortgage or a line of credit your monthly payment won't change...More

If Greece applied for a mortgage More
November 29, 2011

If Greece walked in to my office located on the Danforth (seems like the most logical place for Greece to go shopping for a mortgage) what would I tell her? Obviously she wouldn’t get far with a mortgage application but what advice could be given? In our consumption driven society where credit is so readily available how does one avoid living beyond their means? More



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"Dear Arnold and Christopher, thank-you very much for keeping me informed. It is your committment, hardwork and dedication to treating clients like close friends and family that clearly separate you ..." More...

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January 25th, 2012
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