We lend for second mortgages. Private second mortgage financing represents a large part of our private money lending.

A second mortgage allows borrowers to access the equity in their home. We arrange second mortgages for different borrower profiles including those with poor credit, mortgage and tax arrears, self-employed, and with in some cases no employment situations.

A second mortgage allows borrowers to get their finances on track in situations where banks and other financial instituations will not lend.

We lend second mortgage money across the Greater Toronto Area in addition to some areas in Ontario.

With exclusive access to our own private mortgage fund, we help homeowners who are marginalized by the banks and lending institutions. Through second mortgage financing we have the ability to help homeowners consolidate debt, clear tax and mortgage arrears, restructure financing, stop power of sale actions, complete major home renovations, and for bridge financing required in unique situations.

If you would like to dicsuss the opporutnity of a second mortgage call Arnold Molder at 416.461.0204 or contact him below.