Recognized as a source of private Ontario mortgage money, Tridac Mortgage specializes in working with borrowers turned down by banks and traditional lending institutions. Our focus is not just to arrange a private mortgage for you but ensure that you are set up to successfully move forward financially with more conventional financing and lower rates. 

Here are some of the issues that we help our clients with everyday:

Why Consider Tridac Mortgage For Your Private Mortgage?

Tridac Mortgage is the exclusive brokerage for a number of private money sources including Hansa Mortgage Investment Corporation. With unique access to our own pool of private mortgage money, each lending decision  is based on more than numbers, ratios, credit score, and income. While important, we also take into consideration your capacity, character, ability, and your desire to get your finances on track. 

For over 40 years we have encountered almost every conceivable financing situation and understand that the circumstances and situations of individuals are unique.

Private mortgage lenders with purpose.

Since we are entrusted with our investor’s money we are able to tailor a more personalized private mortgage solution to you.  This helps us build a strong relationship with you, keeps communication clear and results lower over all costs a fees. 

Our focus is on short term transitional lending where we can improve your situation and move you into conventional and lower interest rate financing. 

What is a private mortgage?

A private mortgage is a mortgage contract in which the lender is not a registered financial institution. Instead, the lender may be  an individual or group of individuals who provide money in exchange for secured interest on your real estate. 

Banks have strict guidelines surrounding their lending practices limiting their ability to lend for certain scenarios or borrower profiles. With borrowers marginalized as a result of these strict lending guidelines, private mortgages are used to meet those unique needs. Situations where a borrower may require a private mortgage include financing for:

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