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New Low Fixed 5 Year Mortgage

Blog by Tridac Mortgage | December 21st, 2011

Ultra low fixed rate mortgage is back. While it looked as if fixed rate mortgages had run their course and would hold steady or trend upwards in 2012 Merix Financial just introduced a new fixed 5 year mortgage at 3.25%. This is amazing and it's the lowest fixed 5 year mortgage rate we’ve ever been able to arrange over the 34 years of our brokerage. 

If you'd like to apply for the 3.25% fixed 5 year rate call me at 416.461.0204 x 2. or emal me at chris@tridacmortgages.com. Keep in mind that my services are free of charge to you as I get compensated by the mortgage lender through a standard finders fee.

Christopher Molder