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Lending Private Mortgage Money

Blog by Tridac Mortgage | December 9th, 2011

I'm lending private mortgage money across Ontario. In addition to conventional mortgage lending for first time homebuyers, refinances, and renewals, I also help borrowers with private mortgage financing. With access to my own pool of private mortgage money I help borrowers in unique situations.

If you're in a unique situation and need to stop power of sale, pay tax or mortgage arrears, consolidate debt, complete a major home renovation, restructure your financing, or pursue judicial sales / tax sale opportunities, I can help you.

In over 33 years as a mortgage broker I've worked with almost every conceivable financing situation. I understand life has setbacks. Divorce, business failure, illness, lay offs. My focus is to get your finances back on track and if needed, to put you in a position where you can  quickly transition into conventional and lower interest rate financing.

Private Mortgage LenderAs the private mortgage lender, you deal directly with me, so you pay no lender fees. My mortgage terms are fully open; you can pay at any point.

Every situation is unique. I want to hear your story. Call me directly at 416.461.0204. Nothing to lose, everything to gain.