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Building Successful Client Relationships With Our CRM

Blog by Tridac Mortgage | January 25th, 2012

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) For Mortgage Brokers

In a contest held by our CRM
(customer relationship management) provider, GoMax, we were awarded top honours for our approach towards building successful relationships with our clients. It all stems from the idea of a piggy bank, something that our company president, Arnold Molder, envisioned as  a symbol that not only represents savings but an on going discussion point on achieving debt free home ownership.

Piggy BankOur clients at Tridac – The Mortgage Centre know exactly what the connection to piggy banks is. If we're arranged your mortgage then no doubt you've received one of our cute little piggy banks as a ‘thank you’ gift after closing your mortgage.  The significance of the piggy bank runs deep in our family business as a metaphor for savings and the building of equity in your home.

Piggy banks and cute closing gifts aside, the glue that binds together any successful relationship business like our mortgage brokerage, is a solid CRM. At our office we work with GoMax Solutions for the tools and systems that allow us to provide the personalized service that our clients have come to expect and enjoy from us.

If you're looking to have a professional arrange your mortgage we invite you to contact us. Whether you're a first time homebuyer, looking to refinance, or need private mortgage money, we're here to help you. Plus you'll get a piggy bank and the story to go with it!