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Toronto Mortgages - Financing For Cottages, Multi Mix Properties, Judicial Sales Discussed

Blog by Tridac Mortgage | July 15th, 2010

In my last post I wrote about an astute investor who exploited the opportunity of a Judicial Sale when he bought a unique, mixed-use property, for a bargain price of under $100,000. Such opportunities come up frequently but are missed by most people because they don’t know where to look specifically. In addition, the term Judicial Sale is not part of the everyday vocabulary and opportunities are missed.

The term judicial sale is a legal notice informing the public of an intended sale of a property to the highest bidder, in an auction environment by a sheriff. The reason for a judicial sale is most commonly for arrears of property taxes owed to a municipality.

The action of resorting to a Judicial Sale occurs only after a municipality has failed to collect tax arrears from the owner, and all other methods of suasion have also failed. In other words, a Judicial Sale is the final legal act to obtain these arrears through a property sale to the highest bidder.

Such notices appear typically in the newspaper column under legal matters/auctions.

Notices of smaller communities and municipalities, especially in cottage country, offer greater opportunities for investors. The first reason is that due to population numbers, there is a smaller interested audience than in a city. Secondly, it requires special geographic knowledge. Finally, it takes a lot less money to be a successful bidder.

If you are patient and interested in cottage country properties, this may be an opportunity worthwhile exploring. One of our clients, a couple, purchased a property for summer vacations under Judicial Sale on Prince Edward Island, where they grew up.

Granted, the pursuit of Judicial Sales opportunities requires effort, but it can be a rewarding experience.

It is highly unlikely in these situations for a Bank to be your financial partner. More often than not, such situations require private mortgage financing and backing of an experienced mortgage broker.

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